Kevin Thomas


Company Leadership

Kevin Thomas, founder & CEO of Alternative Laboratories, has dedicated his life's work to the global research, development, and manufacturing of natural alternative healing remedies.

His career began in 1979 as the director of research and product development for a large biotech firm. He then founded Biogenetics that focused on enzymatic nutrition & food based nutritional concentrates. 

In 1990 Mr. Thomas founded Vitarich Farms (a raw material supplier of green food concentrates) to meet the demand for certified organic raw materials with high nutritional potency. He pioneered a proprietary low temperature air jet food processing technology that preserves important enzymes and phyto-nutrients destroyed by other conventional high heat processing methods.

In 1992 he founded Vitarich Laboratories Inc and grew the company into a vertically integrated private label

contract manufacturing facility, which he operated for 14 years. Upon taking Vitarich public, he departed the

company in 2007 to focus his efforts on the research of alternative medicine for the treatment of cancer,

diabetes, and age associated diseases.

Mr. Thomas maintains his ownership in Vitarich Farms and many other nutrition related entities.

Mr. Thomas founded Alternative Laboratories to aggressively compete in the manufacturing of advanced nutritional products providing a cost & service efficient alternative using his 30 years of manufacturing & nutritional expertise. Mr. Thomas provides a hands on “one on one” relationship from formulation to distribution for each customers products.

Alternative Laboratories is supported by an experienced team of industry educated professionals, chemists, and

doctors to provide you unlimited resources to meet your manufacturing needs.