ALTERNATIVE LABORATORIES has extensive contacts with the national medical community. We work with and can provide our clients with contacts and support form a vast array of Medical Doctors, Surgeons, Research Scientist, University Groups and Clinics. This network can assist in formulation development, validation and product efficacy support. 

Our contacts are available for one time assistance up to brand partnerships and market development. Our group of Doctors are leaders in each of their fields and maintain board positions with top University's and Medical companies. Our product development team includes MD’s, PHD’s, Pharmacists, Chemist’s, Naturopaths, Food Scientist’s & nutrition experts.

We specialize in whole food concentrates, juice products & botanical nutrition. From basic vitamin & mineral formulations to complex micro nutriments and extracts, we can assist you with any possibility for any human condition. We think out side of the box, and thus is the foundation for our name ALTERNATIVE LABORATORIES.